About Us

About us

Our spirit is our work force.

About Us

There is only one thing better than success: The Spirit that leads up to it.

Way back in 1917, a farsighted visionary called Velayudhan founded a business in this land of coir. He imbued his business with values like trust, dedication and professional ethics. Values those were close to his heart. What started as a coir exporting company called Travancore Mats and Matting Company has since grown to be a multimillion dollar business group. With six autonomous, self-propelled business groups whose success is most apparent by their impressive list of overseas clients and associates.

At Travancore , our spirit is our work force, which contributes, shares and learns from success. We inspire our work force and they turn our aspirations into reality.

Our networks are broad. So is our vision. But our philosophy is simple. ‘Future is what you make of it.’ Driven by this, our diversified portfolio today consists of floor covering in coir, cotton, wool, rubber, jute, sisal and synthetic textiles and health care..

Our Team

  • Our Team

    V.V. Pavithran

  •  Our Team

    V.R. Prasad

  • Our Team

    Dr. V.V. Pyarelal

  • Our Team

    Dr. V.V. Haridas

  • Our Team

    V.V. Santhosh

Travancore Initiatives

We have Five Autonomous Self Propelled Business Groups.

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